The rapid growth of Giovanni L. is easy to explain. Everyone who comes into contact with the brand has fun. Giovanni L. leaves an enjoyable impression. More and more partners recognise how exclusive this market niche is, a niche Giovanni L. created by himself.

    Giovanni L. does not just represent premium gelato, it embodies a complete concept. In Germany, Backring Nord serves as the logistics partner. Aside from our ice cream mountains, Backring Nord also distributes all system products such as the uniform premium ice cream display, the counter technology, and all consumables and decoration material part of the concept.


  • As such, everything is delivered from one source. Aside from the brand’s own ice cream cafés in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, that are mainly located in shopping malls and highly frequented locations, around two-hundred further franchise and shop-in-shop concepts in bakeries, restaurants, furniture stores, and amusement parks are considered partners.

    Competence and experience – a strong partnership.

    All Giovanni L. partners can rely on competent consulting by the system headquarters. Here, the competence of the manufacturer meets the experience of the restaurateur.

    At Giovanni L., we let our partners share in our know-how. The partnership includes practical training in Giovanni L. companies, supervision by the system coach during the first operating days, and regular care and further education. The concept is rounded off by one hour of professional video training with in-depth practice examples and comprehensive recipe instructions with images on a specially set-up tablet pc which is automatically updated via WiFi.

    A franchise or shop-in-shop licencing partner enjoys a lot of benefits. Aside from shop and design planning, where owners have a lot of room to add individual design elements, the partner can rely on our professional know-how. Each location is extensively rated based on all important criteria. Each partner is granted territorial protection. With Giovanni L. Premium Gelato, one can rest assured that the store is clearly demarcated from other ice cream concepts.

    The lovingly decorated look of the ice cream mountains and the explosion of flavour of the various varieties draws the attention of customers and immediately turns them into regulars.

    Giovanni L. is successful at exactly those locations where a customer should be offered a high-quality and hand-made alternative to an industrially produced product.



    Our know-how – your success!

    Benefit from the tried-and-tested Giovanni L. ice concepts as a shop-in-shop system! You will enjoy great advantages as well as differentiation from the competition. Our brand will boost your image, and you particularly benefit from the optimisation of your staff deployment and associated revenue increase. An example case for a bakery is as follows: The bakery starts selling ice cream early afternoon, immediately after primarily selling bread/rolls and coffee. The following graph shows what that can mean for your revenue and profit situation: It improves – at nearly constant ancillary costs! Starting at the first gelato scoop you sell.


  • Consistent premium quality (EU-certified), delivered by our logistics partner Backring Nord

    You will receive everything from one source. Aside from our premium gelato, you will receive ingredients, waffles, glasses, and cups as well as a well-tuned advertisement package. You only take care of the presentation and of course sales.

    Clear demarcation to the competition – using our system and synergies

    You will receive territorial protection in your sales area and use our tried-and-tested distribution system. The shop-in-shop ice cream concept allows you to quickly start your ice cream business. Our ice cream concepts immediately offers you a competitive edge. The customer will also buy – aside from the ice cream – products from your core assortment!

    Stable staff workload in the summer months without returns

    You can optimally use your staff by complementing your sales during the daily cycle. As such, you do not need to take returns into account when selling Giovanni L. ice cream mountains.

    We help you get started, from decoration to staff training – a perfect ice cream concept

    Competent partners help us build stores. We will gladly also work with your own shopfitter. Decoration instruction manuals, a unique training tablet with video instructions, as well as accompanying personal service are at your disposal to ensure a smooth start of operations.

    Three shop sizes – individually customised

    Our stores are designed for different sizes: PICCOLO for around 5-8 m2, MEDIO for around 7-10 m2, and GRANDE for around 10-15 m2. All concepts can be individually tailored to your situation and sales surface. We will gladly elaborate your personal shop concept with you.

    Giovanni L. is your partner from the very start, offering you the following services:

    Planning phase and implementation

    Location analysis, profitability calculation, investment determination, coordination with the decorator, one-week training of the employees in our stores, assistance on your first order and furnishings.

    Training and consulting

    Professional Giovanni L. employees, our training instruction guide and tablet, and sales promotion aids will assist you when you open your store.

    During regular operation

    Our headquarters offers you constant consultancy and assistance possibilities, cross-regional PR measures, recurring sales trainings, seasonal promotions, product development, and changing seasonal ice cream varieties.

    All success factors at a glance:

    • revenue increase
    • personal capacity optimisation
    • image boost
    • differentiation from the competition
    • cross-selling of core assortment and ice cream
    • guaranteed premium quality from controlled production
    • individual selection of varieties
    • on-time delivery by reliable logistics partners
    • competent support with planning and decoration
    • (initial) training of employees

    For more information, please contact:

    Sales / Giovanni L. System Consultancy

    fon +49 431 908 959 - 30 | Email Sales





    Do you love gelato? Does only the best satisfy you when it comes to quality, freshness, and taste? Would you like to be independent and still count on the security of a renowned brand? Do you consider your entrepreneurial spirit, well-defined managerial skills, and your talent for organisation and sales your strengths? Can you completely identify with Giovanni L. – Gelato de Luxe? Then, you are our partner!
    The gelato world champion. To melt for.

    Your own business with Giovanni L.

    Giovanni L. offers franchise partners an elaborate system – as a harmonised and comprehensive concept. It includes everything from exterior decoration to interior decoration planning for that quaint ice cream café ambience, to accessories such as ice cream scoopers, napkins, and menus. Giovanni L. offers an overall package for deluxe enjoyment.

  • Giovanni L. partners have no fixed costs, they only pay a one-off introduction fee and a revenue-dependent monthly franchise fee. The latter varies depending on business type and size. In return, partners receive comprehensive support in the planning and founding phase and far beyond.

    The Giovanni L. franchise package includes, among other things:

    Before opening:
    • Location analysis
    • Model profitability calculation
    • Investment plan
    • Financing plan
    • Rent contract negotiations
    • Floor plan & interior decoration planning
    • Planning of the technological setup
    • Staff planning
    • Authority control slip

    At the opening:
    • If required, the commissioning of a fully furnished Giovanni L.
    • Territorial protection
    • Initial training of the franchise holder and employees
    • Store decoration
    • Opening day advertising

    During regular operation:
    • Constant consulting and support by a regional franchise mentor
    • Cross-regional PR
    • Sales training
    • Exchanging experiences

    We will gladly provide you with the non-binding documentation with further information!

    For more information, please contact:

    Sales / Giovanni L. System Consultancy

    fon +49 431 908 959 - 30 | Email Sales