1. What is the difference between ice cream and gelato?

Gelato has long been known as italian ice cream, but there are actually many differences between the two. On of the main difference is that gelato contains less fat than ice cream, as gelato uses milk while ice cream is made with cream. Gelato doesn´t use egg which is a common ingredient in ice cream. Gelato is also served at a lower temperature, so its melts faster than ice cream and has a smoother texture and warmer feeling. In the freezing process, less air is churned into the gelato, so it has a more intense flavor. Summarized, gelato is a denser, more flavoursome frozen treat than ice cream.

Here you can find the differences at a glance.


2. Is Giovanni L. gelato Italian?

Yes, our special ice cream is produced after a traditional and secret Lasagna family recipe. We constantly add new varieties.

3. What makes Giovanni L. gelato special?

Our gelato is produced with traditional handicraft. We only make ice cream with the freshest and highest quality ingredients that meet our high-quality demands.

Our demands regarding freshness: We only use regional whole milk to create our dairy ice cream. Our sorbet ice cream does not contain milk protein and is gluten-free.

You can find further information on our Gelato de Luxe here.

4. Where do your raw materials come from? Do you value regional produce?

The Giovanni L. production facility is EU-certified and located in Germany’s northernmost province Schleswig-Holstein. Schleswig-Holstein offers farmland with moist fields, allowing Giovanni L. to process the evening milk of the local cows within 20 hours. We can therefore guarantee near unrivalled gelato freshness.

We use nougat and marzipan produced in Lübeck, we procure local fruit from EU countries, the sugar is refined in Lower Saxony, a lot of suppliers are headquartered within in a one-hour drive from our facility.

5. Why do the Giovanni L. varieties have different prices?

We divide our Gelato into the Classic, Saison, Royal, and Trend categories. The latter two varieties are indeed a bit more expensive. This is necessary to produce varieties containing a lot of high-quality ingredients which we are very proud of.

You can find further information on our Gelato de Luxe here.

6. Why can’t I find my favourite flavour at all Giovanni L. stores?

The different Giovanni L. stores have varying display sizes. Some stores can therefore offer a broader variety of flavours than others. The management of the local stores decides which flavours are on offer in the individual stores.

7. Can Giovanni L. gelato also be bought in trade?

We offer convenient thermo boxes at many locations to let you enjoy Giovanni L. at home as well. Simply ask at one of our locations. Customers in Northern Germany can find five selected varieties in 350 ml packaging at the Hofgut product range at Famila stores.

8. Why don’t all Giovanni L. stores have the same look?

All Giovanni L. stores have the same basic design elements which create a special and warm ambience where our customers feel at home. We work together with many partners with franchising and licensing systems and allow them a certain freedom in adapting the design to their own demands. The original and authentic Giovanni L. design line can however always be found at all flagship stores in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

You can find an overview of our flagship stores here.

9. Why can’t I sit in the seating area with my gelato in a waffle?

We basically have no problem with you taking a seat in our ice café for a short time when you are enjoying one of our Gelato de Luxe ice creams. Here, however, certain strict legal rules apply: German taxation law obliges us to use two different tax rates when selling ice cream: 7% for take-away ice cream and 19% for ice cream which is consumed at a table.

If you would like to eat your ice cream at a table, we will gladly personally service you. If you would like to eat your ice cream, that you ordered at the counter, while sitting, we will also gladly serve you at your table – we are however obliged to charge you a tax of 19%.

10. Where can I ask/request something about a certain store?

Please use our contact form to contact a certain store. To do so, simply select your desired location and send us your request. We will gladly further process it.

You can find our contact form here.

11. Does Giovanni Lasagna really exist?

But of course he does! The first Giovanni L. ice cream parlour already opened up shop in Hannover in 1961. Founded by the grandfather of the namesake Giovanni Lasagna, who has expanded on the traditional Italian hand-made ice cream craft since he was young, now representing the third generation of ice cream makers. The passion, know-how, and creativity of the two-time World Gold Cup winning ice cream maker Giovanni Lasagna is combined with the highest quality standards and best ingredients to create an ice cream of unrivalled quality.

You can discover more at GIOVANNI L.

12. Does Giovanni L. offer gluten-free ice cream?

All our gelatos are basically gluten-free. The varieties which are refined with ingredients containing gluten are at the moment:


Elderberry & Semolina Chunks



Lemon Cheesecake

Mum’s Cookie Dough


Black Vanilla


As a rule of thumb, the following applies: ice cream with crunch contains gluten.

It should however be noted that our gelato is produced in a factory where products are used that contain grains with gluten. It is therefore possible that people with severe allergies will have an allergic reaction to any of our gelatos. We recommend people with less severe allergies to have a look at our current product specifications available at all our counters. Of course, it is always possible that small waffle crumbs and/or decorations containing gluten can find their way onto an ice cream cone during the day.

You can find ALL allergens subject to labelling on a convenient list. This list includes not just ice cream but also all other items on our menu (e.g. sundae, cakes).


13. Does Giovanni L. offer vegan and lactose-free ice cream varieties?

All our fruit sorbets, two of our alcoholic cocktail varieties (%), and – our new – special Chocolate and Vanilla versions are vegan and lactose-free. Our vegan ice cream is produced without milk. Therefore, it does not contain milk protein or lactose. Furthermore, we pay very close attention that all individual ingredients are not of animal origin (e.g. gelatine).

The vegan varieties are marked on the ice cream menu.

Our vegan ice creams are:



Gin and Tonic (%)



Mango-Passion Fruit

Strawberry Margarita (%)

Tahiti Lemon with basil


(Dairy) ice cream varieties without milk!

Vegan Vanilla & Chocolate

14. Is the gelato suitable for diabetics?

All our gelato varieties are suitable for diabetics. Gelato is however an indulgence that contains sugar. We will gladly provide you with product specification at the counters upon request, so that customers can inform themselves and decide whether the gelato fits in their diet plan. You can find information about carbohydrates, sugar, and calorie contents in the specifications.

We have a new sugar-free variety: Chocolate Praliné – 35% less calories compared to Mozart Praliné.

Frozen Yoghurt (44 % natural yoghurt) and Skyr with Blueberries and Elderberries (33% Skyr) are recommended varieties for healthy enjoyment with less calories. They contain high-value protein and healthy lactic acid bacteria.

15. What does “contains alcohol” mean?

We differentiate between two groups of ice cream which differ in type and alcohol content:

Varieties which, according to youth protection legislation, may not be given to children and adolescents due to their alcohol content. At the moment, these include our “Cocktail” ice cream varieties Gin Tonic, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Margarita. These still only contain about 1-2% alcohol. These varieties are strictly prohibited from distribution to people younger than 18 years. On the ice cream menus, they are also marked with “from 18 years of age“ and we explicitly mark them with “Vol. %”.

Further ice cream varieties contain alcohol in such small quantities that there is no requirement to label them and they are not subject to a prohibition to distribute to minors.

The question “Whether it contains alcohol?” might still be very important to some guests (e.g. children, pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, or sober alcoholics). Ice cream varieties with trace amounts of alcohol are e.g. Amarena, Eggnog-Stracciatella, Malaga, Rhubarb-Quark, and Tiramisu.

16. Which ice cream varieties are halal-certified?

These varieties are produced under consideration of the halal specifications and certified as halal varieties be the European Halal Certification Institute (EHZ). It is however not specially marked at the counters in Germany. In case you have any questions at the counter, you can refer to the specification binder for information on the varieties.


Chocolate mint

Caramel Cookie


Strawberry yogurt

Yogurt Cherry

Kids ice

Frozen GIOghurt

Belgian milk chocolate

Chocolate VIC


Turkish Mocca

Strawberry & white chocolate

Black & White



Black vanilla



Mango and passion fruit,


17. What is the difference between fruit ice cream, fruit sorbet, dairy ice cream, and yoghurt ice cream...?

The rules for labelling ice cream are legally defined in the guiding principles of the German Food Code for Ice Cream, latest version from 29/11/2016. We currently offer fruit ice cream, fruit sorbet, dairy ice cream, and yoghurt ice cream.

Fruit ice cream / sorbet: The contents are defined in the guidelines depending on the taste-giving fruit. Strawberry ice cream requires at least 20%, strawberry sorbet at least 25% fruit content (our strawberry ice cream contains 36% fruit and may as such be called sorbet). Our lemon ice cream contains 15% pure Sicilian lemon juice and may as such also be called sorbet, our raspberry ice cream contains 50% fruit and meets the requirements for sorbet to 20%, our mango ice cream (at least 15%) contains 35% mango…

All our fruit sorbets are vegan.

Dairy ice cream: The majority of our ice cream varieties is “Ice cream with milk”. All our ice cream varieties that contain milk may carry this description. The main ingredient of our gelato varieties is fresh milk from the Holtseer Meierei. Our gelato is processed within 24 hours after milking – it doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Ice cream with yoghurt: All our ice cream varieties that contain yoghurt may be called “Ice cream with yoghurt”. Our Frozen Gioghurt has a yoghurt content of 44%, our Skyr ice cream a Skyr content of 33%.

Legally, nut ice cream needs to contain at least 5% nuts, our pistachio ice cream contains 12% pistachio pulp, our hazelnut ice cream 9% hazelnut pulp. The taste-giving components of our vanilla ice cream come from the vanilla bean.