It is quite a view, looking at a Giovanni L. gelato display!

    Excellent products and presentation: Giovanni L. represents the highest quality, best raw material, most creative creations, and ultimate passion. And this is presented in an equally incredible way. In the form of ice cream mountains! Make your glass display a captivating sight with artfully integrated sauces, fruits, and individually crafted chocolate decorations. Enticing all guests and drawing them to your counter. All varieties are elaborately decorated anew each morning.

    Now, we can offer you flavours from our treasure case of over 120 tried-and-tested Gelato de Luxe recipes. From Giovanni L. classics such as Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate to exotic flavours such as Tahiti Lemon with Basil, Caramel Cookie, Lemon Cheesecake, Cucumber Mint or even alcoholic flavours such as Gin Tonic gelato.

    But words don’t really do the taste explosions of Giovanni L. justice! They need to be seen or, above all, tried!

    In the following, you will find an overview of all current Giovanni L. varieties. Our research and development department guarantees that we can continue producing all flavours of this list and that new flavours are constantly added. So, keep an eye out in future for more unusual and interesting Giovanni L. flavours. Our vegan varieties are clearly marked in the overview with a “v”.

    The selection of varieties might vary as the Giovanni L. stores might have different-sized displays. As such, some locations might offer a larger selection than others. The store management decides which varieties are offered in the store.

  • Giovanni Lasagna - world champion of gelato makers 2010 and 2014

    As of January 2014, Giovanni Lasagna can call himself a twofold world champion of gelato maker! At the worlds most prestiges SIGEP expo his gelato pistachio was awarded a trophy in 2010 and 2014.

    Our Classic varieties are our year-round favourites which have been perfected in taste and texture. They are produced following traditional recipes.

    Red berries & Vanilla

    Yogurt cherry with chocolate

    Chocolate VIC - a must for all chocolate fans!

    Dulce de Leche - Argentine Caramel

    New York Cheesecake with tangerine and croquet

    Yoghurt and orange sorbet


    Walnut Caramel

    Mommy's dough bowl

    Caramel Cookie

    Banana Choc

    SKYR blueberry and elderberry

    Strawberry & White chocolate

    Chocolate praline - without added sugar - calorie-reduced


    Black & White

    Strawberry yogurt

    Frozen Gioghurt



    Belgian milk chocolate



    Chocolate Mint


    Mocca Choc

    Eggnog stracciatella



    Spanish cream


    Strawberry v

    Mango-Passion Fruit v

    Lemon – pure Sicilian juice v

    Raspberry v

    Blackberry v


    Royal varieties are made from exclusive ingredients following particularly elaborate recipes. These varieties always offer you unusual and exciting taste experiences.
  • Black Vanilla with Rice Pudding

    Sicilian Pistachio Verde – our World Cup gelato!



    The Season varieties speak for themselves: Refreshing apricot ice cream in summer or festive Christmas Almond-Cinnamon gelato in the winter round off the Giovanni L. assortment in their respective seasons.
  • Cinnamon-Almond with Fig

    Peach Melba

    Apricot v

    Rhubarb quark with forest fruits

  • Tahiti-Lemon with Basil v

    Pear Helene

    Lilac berries & semolina dumplings

    baked apple


    Our Trend varieties reflect the innovative Giovanni L. spirit and the tradition of the Lasagna family. New varieties are constantly being developed, always focusing on current trend flavours.
  • Cucumber Mint v

    Chocolate & White Nougat

    Lemon Cheesecake

    Blueberry Muffin

    Vegan Chocolate v

    Gin Tonic

    Piña Colada

  • Sweet Curry with Pineapple

    Chai Latte

    Peanut butter with Chili-Chocolate

    Poppy seed-Yoghurt with Cranberries

    Vegan Vanilla v

    Strawberry Margarita v


    Each counter can provide you with detailed product information on all varieties. If this information happens to not be available at your location, please contact us using the contact form.

    v vegan






    We made a commitment to quality!

    “Just a bit more of the very best.” That is the quality standard and motto of Giovanni L. We always work with the freshest and most high-quality regional ingredients which live up to our strict quality requirements.

    Schleswig-Holstein offers farmland with moist fields, allowing Giovanni L. to process the evening milk of the local cows within 20 hours. This guarantees near unrivalled gelato freshness.

    We have carefully selected all additional ingredients for the individual gelato varieties and we prefer regional suppliers. Exceptions are of course made for products which are selected for their origin. Only exquisite fruits, full-flavoured chocolate, and crispy nuts find their way into our Gelato de Luxe.

    Let’s take a few examples: For our Stracciatella gelato, we exclusively use smooth-melting chocolate from Ecuador. The Marzipan gelato only contains world-famous marzipan from Lübeck. And those two extra generous handfuls of Sicilian pistachios make our world-class gelato really stand out from the pack – as we said, always a bit more of the very best.

    Our quality has been confirmed at the highest European level. Two world championships in 2010 and 2014 as well as various top rankings at international competitions are just some examples of this.







The Giovanni L. production facility is EU-certified and located in the northernmost German province of Schleswig-Holstein. Here, at our 3,000-square metre production facility in Kiel, we produce our gelato with the most modern machines, professional equipment, and of course also with passion and experience in all facets of the frosty art. From this base, we now service over 200 Giovanni-L. locations across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Only food production professionals produce our ice cream. With their experience, the necessary know-how, and regular taste, texture, and ingredient checks, we can guarantee uniform quality standards.

We do not just produce our Gelato de Luxe. We also cook our strawberry puree, our Mango-Maracuja sauce, berry ragout, and various other sauces ourselves in our own sauce kitchen. For each recipe, we know exactly what we are doing and actively monitor production.

Our logistics partners are Backring Nord (domestic) and Havi-Logistik (international). Long-term collaborations guarantee on-time delivery gelato as well as accessories such as cups, spoons etc. up to dried goods (e.g. waffles). Here, we use specially developed frozen food vehicles that guarantee perfect gelato quality without interrupting the cooling chain.

We even load up special deep-freezing containers with our products to transport them via ship to our Giovanni L. locations in the Middle East and Singapore.