Opening of Giovanni L. in Singapore


  • Giovanni L. - important achievements

    2005 Giovanni L. opens in Hannover
    2006 Giovanni L. opens in Kiel
    2009 Expansion to Soller, Mallorca
    2010 First world championship title
    2010 Giovanni Lasagna moves to Mallorca to reside and work there
    2011 Expansion of production and system centre in Kiel
    2012 Expansion to Scandinavia
    2012 Creation of shop-in-shop System
    2014 Second world championship title
    2015 Expansion to Singapore
    2016 Expansion to Luxemburg and Switzerland
    2017 Expansion to Saudi-Arabia
    2019 Creation of "Cucina de Luxe" for hotels and catering



    The meeting between Giovanni Lasagna and the restaurateurs Jörg and
    Sabine Fischer in 2004 was a milestone in the history of Giovanni L. The
    creative ideas and shared passion for gelato led the Fischers to Kiel to
    realise their long-time dream of opening their own ice cream parlour...
    The ideal location was found in the CITTI park in Kiel. Giovanni Lasagna
    trained Jörg and Sabine Fischer, introducing them to the Lasagna family
    recipes, and a collaboration was formed with the partners sharing recipes,
    the procurement of raw materials, and the use of the “Giovanni L.” logo.
    Their passion for gelato paired with long-term restaurant experience led
    to more Giovanni L. ice cafés opening in Schleswig-Holstein and
    surroundings in just a few years.

    Increasing demand and high-quality standards led to the centralisation of
    production in 2011. Thus, one of the most modern gelato production facilities
    of Northern Germany came into being. A total facility of 3,000 m² is now
    home to the production facility as well as management and the research
    and development department. Our partners are competently consulted
    and our gelato distributed across the world from this central location.

    Aside from the company’s own flagship stores, we now call over 200 further
    sales points large and small our partners. We are proud to offer our
    high-quality gelato across the world.